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Hello from Michigan!


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Hello from Michigan! ūüĎ謆I'm about two¬†years back into¬†the hobby; I've kept fish off and on since I was a kid but I only caught multi-tank syndrome about two years ago ūüėČ. I don't know many "fish people" IRL¬†so I'm¬†super grateful for the C.A.R.E. forum¬†ūüôƬ†and I'm excited to be a part of the community.¬†¬†Thanks to everybody maintaining the forum¬†and special thanks to Cory and Dean-- I'm a big fan of your¬†YouTube videos and¬†fish room walkthroughs!

Right now I keep Kuhli Loaches, Ember Tetras, and Fancy Guppies. In the past I've kept Bettas, Dwarf Frogs, Neon Tetras, Kubotai Rasbora, and Shrimps. I also love aquatic plants and have a bunch of different Crypts, Banana Plants floating and planted, Bacopa Monnieri, Dwarf Lily (new, still bulbs), Water Sprite, Dwarf Sagittaria, Sagittaria, Subwassertang, Java Moss, Christmas Moss, Java Windelov, Ludwigia Peruensis, and Hygrophilia Blue. I've also kept duck weed and dwarf hair grass-- ugh but hated the maintenance and got rid of them. When I was first getting started I kept Madagascar Lace, definitely the most beautiful plant I've ever kept, I miss that one!

Here's a photo¬†of my tanks (I recently moved them to this starter rack so everything has been re-aquascaped in the last month¬†or so.) The teal tank is the hospital¬†tank.¬†‚úĆÔłŹ


@LunarFlower29¬†ūüĎ謆here are my tanks!¬†

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I learned Hygro Blue and Hygro Salicifolia are the same plant species LOL
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Thanks @FranJ ! Yes I see several of them every day, and the more fish that are in the tank the more often the kuhlis come out--they're mostly active at night. I might see them poke their heads out of their little caves if I feed frozen brine or bloodworms during the day. They usually move from cover to cover so I make sure there is something along the bottom of the tank for them to move behind along the length of the tank. Oh and if you have heavy cover for them they'll lay on plant leaves! 

While they¬†will search for food on the bottom of the tank they don't do it fervently like¬†like a corydora,¬†its a lot more laid back so I'll feed food direct to them near their rock caves. They're a lot of fun, almost like little¬†eel-dogs!¬†ūüź∂

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