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Plants and quarantine system?


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Hi everyone,

I'm going to add some red root floaters to my quarantine tank, and my question is "Is dipping a new plant absolutely necessary if putting it in a QT setup?"

I really don't care about hitchhikers like snails. I've read conflicting things and I know a lot of people don't dip their plants. I've done bleach dips on some of my plants but dont really want to as the plants seem better off when I don't dip them.

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I generally give them a good rinse that's all, I don't care about hitchhiker snails either. The stone wool from pots I get every last bits removed though because some overseas growers use pesticides and I once lost lots of expensive fish that way. I don't care how long I've known the seller, sometimes their wholesaler can switch sources, not tell them and the regrets at that point would be mine.

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