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Fresh Water Nitrate Testing and Counter Measures


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What is the best nitrate test product in your opinion?

One of the solutions mentioned to deal with nitrate is to add a additive with pre-developed bacteria.

Some of the videos speak of adding the bacteria to a tank which is unpopulated?

Is it possible to add one of these additives to a tank without harming fish?

Do you have a favorite brand?

I have done so many water changes that my nitrites are nothing, but my nitrates are high. It is a 40 gallon tank with 10 fish now, so it could create nitrites quickly. The aquarium is planted a bit with a canister filter.


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How old is the tank?  If it is an established tank it really should eliminate nitrite with no water changes or added bacteria needed. 

Water changes will lower nitrates unless your tap water has high nitrates.  Plants (especially floating plants like water lettuce) are great at lowering nitrates.  Canisters can keep them a little higher than other filter types imo.


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The Tank is pretty old, but since receiving higher nitrate readings I have begun planting, Java fern, Java moss, and two rooted plants in sub-straight of small polished river rocks. I also have pothos plant coming out of the back. Currently 10 smallish fish.

I have cleaned the canister, but not all of the hoses yet. I gravel vacuum everyday or so, away from plants.  I have added recently replaced 40-50 gals of water 10-20 gal/time.

I will look into the aquariumcoop test strips.

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