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Beauty in your tank


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Whenever my spotted congo puffer goes around the tank, he never uses his back tail. He doesn't have to go fast, so why would he lol. But every once and awhile I'll catch him flaring his tail and it is one of the most beautiful things in the aquarium hobby in my opinion. Right in front of the dance between male and female bettas ready to embrace. And ahead of a perfect leaf or flower just sprouting and blooming. I made this post because I wanted to share two separate occasions where I was able to photograph my puffer flaring his tail so that all of you could enjoy it as well 🙂

I would love to read and see what you find beautiful in your aquariums, whatever it may be.


Flaring tail side.jpg

Flaring tail front.jpg

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I’ve never been able to photo it because it is rare but my longfin lemon blue eyed plecos will occasionally flare all finnage and glide through the lower portion of midwater the entire length of the tank. I’m awestruck each time it see it. 




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