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Red Gills on Platies


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Hi there, I picked up a few assorted platies a few weeks ago. Seemed fine (I even had a fry - that promptly got eaten I think), however, two died within the last couple of days and the remaining seem to have red gills. My other stock - some pygmy corys, beckford pencilfish, and amano shrimp all seem to be fine. Ammonia seems like its the main cause of red gills on the internet, however, I have 0 ppm ammonia according to my API test kit (see below). So I am wondering if this is a disease? Apologies for the quality of the images I will try to get clearer ones. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Water Parameters:

  • pH - 7.3-7.5
  • Nitrates - 40 ppm (moderately planted)
  • Hardness - ~8 degrees
  • Nitrite - 0 ppm
  • Ammonia - 0 ppm
  • KH/Buffer - ~5 degrees
  • Water Temperature - ~79 degrees



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It could Bacterial gill disease  or ammonia burn in my experience most cases of Red gills are   ammonia burn it could have happened at the LFS you got them from ammonia poisoning can kill fish weeks after they were initially exposed to the high levels of ammonia

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Ok, well lets say it is due to exposure to high levels of ammonia at my LFS, is there anything I can do to address that now? Or is it a just hope the rest pull through?

If it is a bacterial infection is there any way to confirm that? I'd prefer to not dose my tank since the rest of them seem to be perfectly fine. Unfortunately I do not currently have the space for a completely separate hospital tank.

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If it's ammonia poisoning it just a case of what and see if they pull thought it could be bacterial gill disease you would need to do gill biopsy to confirm if you are going to treat for gill disease I recommend API fin and body cure for treating bacterial gill disease

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