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Guppy, worms?


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Temprature 77 F (25°C)

PH: 8
KH: 6
GH: 15

Tank is up for about 2 years, NH3/4: 0 NO2: 0 NO3: 10-20

Same tank as from me other topic, this is one of the little ones.
They are about a month or 6 old, I did deworm the mother while she was pregnant. (didn't know she was).
She was also the one that came in skinny, tried to feed her back up and thought I did that but then the tank was full with fry and she was back to being skinny again. (they came from the store)

This guy has been swimming on top for about a day or 3 now, can be longer. (when I started to notice)
He hasn't been eating for atleast 2 full days now, again can be longer...
And when you look closely he is breathing heavy all the time.

So yesterday I took 'm apart, but still he isn't eating, so i'm kinda clueless.

I do have Levamicil


LEVAMICIL is newly made with active compounds levamisole hydrochloride to treat Nematoden

http://www.manaus-aquarium.de/NL/levamicil.php shame they don't have it in english... only in dutch and german.

Should I use this?
Or what should you use having these problems?


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He past away, today was hes last day in the medication.
Should have done a 80% water-change today.

Have tried to feed him everyday twice, he would just let the food fall past him.
Tried flakes, frozen brine shrimp and even repashy.

I started with treatment on the tank he came from today.
One of the other ones is now doing the same as he did but is still eating.
So lets hope we got some time...

I also got another 30 gallon and a 60 gallon.
They all in the same fishroom, should I treat all tanks together?

I'm not a fan of medication, my main go to med is salt...
But yea there are also things salt can't fix.

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On 8/1/2021 at 5:07 PM, Colu said:

If you used equipment or put fish from your other tanks in them I would treat all of them

Yes I do, I'll breed them once or twice a year also.
After that they go back to their old tank, female to after the 2 - 3 drops.
That is the problem, got no idea what has what.

I'm waiting out this week, see how the 30 gallon does after first treatment has ended.
If that goes well, I will start to treat the other tanks to...


Would twice be enough to deworm them completely or would you go for a third time?

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