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Water change frequency for 55 gal


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Hi everyone! I wanted to ask if there are any good rules of thumbs for when setting up a new 55 gal. For example frequency for water. Is it weekly, bi weekly, monthly, etc.?


     * two marineland HOBs with filter media, carbon mat filter and filter floss

     *One Medium Coarse airpump filter. 


     *Three Angelfish

     *Six Kuhli Loaches

     *One irredescent shark

     *Six congo tetra

      No need for heating since normal room temperature is around 75-85 degrees. And substrate is inert gravel with a thin layer of stratum underneath. Also, there are a few valisneria, one sword and one bolbitis. There is some driftwood also. I used bacteria 4 oz. The aquarium is the one on the picture.Constructive comments are appreciated.


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Sounds like an interesting group of fish. I would like to see congo tetras with angels. I have thought about doing that.

On the water change issue, frequency of water changes will depend on the number and size of fish, how heavily you feed, how effective your filtration is, plants, etc. Given those factors you have to figure out how often you need to change your water to maintain the water parameters that you consider appropriate. Testing your water quality will tell you when you need a water change.

So the answer is "it depends." The frequency of water changes may vary from the time the tank is new to the time that it becomes more established.

Changes in the fish load - not just from new fish, but from your original fish growing - can also require that water changes be more frequent.

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Thanks!. Got it! It will depend on testing for pareters regularly and take into account for stock. It makes the most sense. I really like that the Co-Op offers a nice set of testing strips. ☮️👍😁

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