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Awesome breeding rack from the research world!


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Today I went and got some fish from a professor at the local college, and I learned that the fish research world has this whole lots-of-small-tanks-on-a-rack thing figured out.

There’s even a version that comes on a mobile cart.



I just wanted to share because it turns out we don’t actually have to DIY everything. (Whaaat??) If you have some money you can actually buy yourself a really nice fry grow-out system, well designed and pre-made. I think those containers come in sizes ranging from 1 liter to 9-ish liters.

It’s a constant flow-through system (those pipes drip water, not air). The racks come with a 4 step filtration system, including a UV sterilizer. Not sure how many parts you have to order separately. They don’t list the prices for an entire rack on their website. But they do list those little tanks for individual sale!

I guess it makes sense that the research world figured this out.

I’m going to be watching very carefully to see if the college ever decides to get rid of anything. 😀

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