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Fluval 3.0 Questions


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I love my fluval 3.0 nano thats on my guppy tank!

But I have a few questions about its programming

  • Can I push a button that lets the light max out temporaily? Like is there a way to  make the light go all the way up without messing with the current scehdule.
  • Can I make day specific settings? Like can I have the light turn on at 2pm and turn off at 12 on monday-friday? and then can I have the light turn on at10am and turn off at 8pm on weekends?

Heres my scehdule:



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I’ve looked into this before because I wanted my tank lights on more during the weekends. You can have different presets, but I couldn’t find anything that I could use to set it to change on certain days. So I bought a wifi timer, that let me turn on and off on certain days! BUT I also made an algae farm in my living room tank doing that so I wouldn’t recommend it! 

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