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hiya! 😊


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hi! I'm Maria, I'm currently living in Maryland. my husband's Navy so we've moved around a bit, I got out of the hobby for a long time after a disastrous cross country move where all my fish... and my dog... died. that'll put a bitter taste in your mouth 😄 after it looked like we'd be sticking around Maryland for awhile, I was finally ready to do fish again... and you guys know that's a slippery slope. just one betta... two betta... and then you've got 7 tanks set up with all sorts of fish trying to convince your husband they just spontaneously generate themselves! I like to do different things, so currently I've got a regular betta, a glo betta, a pea puffer, a tropical community with lots going on, a rude blood parrot named Maurice that I adore, a new world tank, and another cichlidy-ish tropical tank I'm still noodling with. 

super happy to be able to meet everybody this way, looking forward to it!

here are a few [very] quick pics of some what I've got going, and one of Cory and me from earlier this year... one of my local clubs was lucky enough to have him speak before the whole world melted down! 








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