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Hi! so I have had my planted tank setup for about a week now and the plants have already had lots of new growth some of my plants are experiencing some new yellowing and holes so I was recommended to add a fertilizer(root tabs, easy green) but before I do that Im still cycling my tank so my water parameters arent super stable currently I have nitrates and nitrite present in my tank with around .50 ppm of ammonia but because I have sieryu stone my ph has been rising Im hoping once it settles all will resolve in itself but would the fertilizer affect my parameters since they arent stable or is fertilizing such a new tank just an invitation for algae? ... I have lots of floater plants but my spiderwood already has a clear supposed biofilm growing any opinions?  

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So adding fertilizer will increase your nitrates a little but not enough to the point of concern. Plus you will need all the other nutrients that come with easy green to promote plant growth.

Since you mentioned that you've already seen growth in your plants I would at least do one recommended dose of easy green or whatever fertilizer you plan on using. I would hold off on root tabs at least until you have finished cycling.

I wouldn't worry about your plants if the leaves are yellowing or having holes since they are still adjusting to your water parameters. Just be sure that its the older leaves that are doing that not the new leaves that have grown in your tank.

Unless you have really acidic water I wouldn't be too concerned about your seiryu stone leaching. Overtime the leaching will slow down. And the film on your spider wood is totally normal fish or shrimp will make quick work of that or it will go away over time with water changes.

Keep an eye on your parameters though if you have fish and try not to let it get any higher than it is right now.

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