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  1. Unfortunately, I didn't have another tank set up nor do I have any food specific for fry ready for them when they hatched. This morning, every egg was gone, so if any of them make it past their fry stage, that'll be awesome. Hopefully the other bottom dwellers don't bother them, and they can feed on sinking mini wafers or baby brine shrimp when I feed the tank as a whole. I'll never be able to spot them in my tank, with the dark sandy substrate, copious driftwood, and sheer mass of plant matter for them to hide in.
  2. Do any of these cory eggs look viable? I got an absolute ton of them a few days ago, but the snails, shrimp, and other members of the tank snacked on most of them. These have made it for 3-4 days now, but I don't really know how to tell if they're viable or duds. I know the pics aren't the best, but I did as best an iPhone 12 would allow lol.
  3. Congrats! I just recently got a ton of cory eggs as well!
  4. I've done spot treatments with Excel when I had staghorn and BBA issues. However, I haven't had any algae issues in quite some time, because of the sheer mass of plants in my tank sucking up all the nutrients with my CO2 injection.
  5. Unless you have an iron and a phosphate test, that's usually fine. I would aim to get my nitrates down to 10ppm for the time being, and monitor how it goes over the next week or two. Easy Carbon knocks it out pretty easy too.
  6. I had my power out for 8 days after Ida, and lost my pea puffer tank and some of my plants melted (temps too high for the puffers). I didn't get the algae outbreak like you have, thankfully. What are your water parameters now? Might be wise to do a few water changes in the realm of 25-50% over the next week to help bring nutrients back into balance. It looks much more like staghorn algae to me than brush or black beard algae. What's your water source?
  7. They are, but beware, their tanks can be a nightmare to manage. I want to get another, since I lost mine during the outage caused by Hurricane Ida.
  8. x2 on this. Remove any foreign material from the stone.
  9. Pea puffers are absolutely ruthless ramshorn killing machines. Mine even snacked on any egg sacks he found. I could throw 50 snails in his tank and in a month, not even a newly hatched baby would remain.
  10. Might setup my spare co2 and a 10gal tank as a grow out tank for swords lol
  11. Yeah I might wait til they're all at least 6" and run up to the LFS and see if I can trade them for some food. The roots on the lowest plantlet are insane already! Easily 4" of root on it.
  12. Adopted two kittens for my girlfriend's birthday. One has taken to watching the tank with me.
  13. Yeahhhhhh I absolutely overdid it on root tabs when I set the aquarium up a couple weeks ago. Plenty of nutrition + CO2 + Good light = runaway sword lol
  14. Is there anyway to discourage sword plants from sending out spikes, or do you just nip them off before they start spawning more plants? My mother plant is going absolutely NUTS and sending out a new spike every week with 6-8 plantlets per spike. This madness needs to stop, cause I'm tired of whipping out the curved scissors every week lol. The overenthusiastic plant in question
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