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My Tank builds....so far

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Hello Nerms!

 Thanks everyone for the kind welcome. Mentioned in my introduction I had made other tanks, so figured I would throw them up here. First set of images are my first tank built, 2.5 gallon, small I know but it got lots of attention (twice a week water change etc😂). The next image is a 6 gallon AquaJapan shrimp tank with some chili rasbora as well, I set up for a family member(the bumblebee gobies were only there while my 40gl got setup). Last set of photos is 10 gallon AquaJapan tank I just setup today for the same family memberIMG_20201127_101415072.jpg.949dcbfc5f510bfe8bdeb15d5cdcbe78.jpgIMG_20201208_022650090.jpg.e52309ee8fe23e0c1bba70a3412400f0.jpgVID_20210117_112025234_exported_265.jpg.35a9060778fd0100bce7bc3bc5ef7ec4.jpgIMG_20210408_125113122.jpg.9e47a20e1ff5ad1a3784bd1afeabef9e.jpgIMG_20210707_171112237.jpg.c607c1a76918fd495c1b7fc456f99416.jpg






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Extra unintentional photos
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