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They grow up so fast (fish baby pics!)

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I was looking through photos of mine I have stored on my laptop, and posted a little progression of my featherfin's growth in my journal, but I thought it could be a fun thread for folks to participate in. So show off your baby pics! Let's see your before and afters! Post your growth progressions!

Here's Pooka as a little juvie (when I got her) to what she looks like currently (added an extra of her as an adult before her adipose fin wrinkled).











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Aww! When I was looking through the pictures of my betta I was really surprised that this is how small I got him as, and how much he's grown since then.

This is when I first got him in August 2020. For context the gravel is around a centimeter (around 0.4 inches), plus minus 3-4 millimeters (About 0.1 of an inch to roughly 0.2 of an inch). 


This was him late November 2020


(The picture for my first Aquarium Meme too!)

First time with plants and a light (January 2020 - I had set up the tank a few days prior to this picture)


And this is him today


A lot's changed since then, I didn't have plants or a light back then so my lighting's not great in some, plus he's grown a LOT over the year. 


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