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White cloudy stuff in tank.


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Hello first post here. I am starting a new tank. I put everything together on Tuesday. I rinsed everything off put it in the tank then added a bottle of Fritz Zyme 7. No fish yet. I haven't touched it since. I have tested the water and everything is perfect according to the strips. Today I went to adjust a couple of things in the tank and I noticed this white stuff floating in the tank. It was all settled to the bottom and started floating when moving stuff around. It will float around the tank then settle back down again. I am trying to figure out what this stuff is and what I can do to fix it. Thanks for all the help. 


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Probably a combo of bacteria, their poop, biofilm, proteins, and the little micro stuff coming off all the stuff you put in there that no matter what you do rinsing wise will show up. 
As you indicated it usually settles like a fine dust around the tank. When you do your first water change you can pay special attention to it to get rid of it. 
You should expect more of these sorts of things to come. You may see some fuzzy stuff in your rocks, wood and scape which is just over active biofilm production. Remember you put the bacteria in with the Fritz 7 so now everything is gelling together. After the biofilm will come the diatoms - brown, green and a bit slimy it will get all over the tank - your plants, hardscape and glass. Usually that clears up in a period of days to weeks. After that you should start seeing green dust and or hair algae. Usually when I see algae I’m happy if you can grow algae you can keep critters in that tank. Around this time or usually sooner you should see new sprouts on your plants. 
Congrats on the new tank it looks great for a first setup and obviously was well researched. 

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