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Finally visited Ocean Aquarium

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I knew I had to visit Ocean Aquarium while I was in San Francisco on vacation. Did not disappoint! I bought some of their süsswassertang too!
I got to meet the store owners and had a nice discussion. I told them I had seen their store in a video on the internet and they asked: “Was it Cory?”

These were their words of wisdom to me:

Maintain an ecosystem, and disrupt it as little as possible by just topping off, having deep sand beds, and keeping the pH at 6.8. 

Hopefully I can hit up the Co-Op soon. Does anyone have any other suggestions for fish stores in Northern California? 


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On 7/3/2021 at 3:26 AM, AnimalNerd98 said:

I bought some of their süsswassertang too!

Thank you! I weary of people not understanding German well enough, and calling it “subwassertang” because the eszett looks like an English “B.” (Also, a glorious plant 😁)

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