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Fancy Goldfish and RO water?

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Hey Guys!

I have an issue with my water here in Phoenix Arizona. After my first water change since the big temperature increase about three weeks ago my fancy goldfish have been very lethargic and sometimes bottom setting. They’ve developed some pimples and I think it’s clear there’s something wrong with the tap water. 

The usual parameters are OK with pH around 7.8 to 8 but the tap water shows 1% salinity with my salinity meter and I believe the water hardness has drastically increased. 

I’m in the process of setting up an RO drip system with the hopes of delivering clean inconsistent water all the time forever. 

My concern now is that the soft water may not be suitable for the goldfish. When I started the process some Google searching resulted in a clear yes the soft water would be fine, I then called two goldfish dealers and they also said it would be fine but I just want to make sure. 

Have any of you kept fancy goldfish and soft or RO water?


Help 🙂


* Please excuse the water quality and the algae. I’m working on green algae carpet


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You can always use a remineralizer to get to a certain gh/kh but in general goldfish want middle of the road parameters ph 7 but can tolerate from 6-9, gh/kh 3-12 and tds around 150-300. More or less is probably not a problem. They struggle with big fluctuations and municipalities love to change it up seasonally making it hard in the fish. You can combine your tap and r/o to avoid using a remineralizer but it sounds like you want to control it. 

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