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Found 7 results

  1. Going to install a new one here at the house...any recos on ones anyone in here uses that aren't a million dollars? Also what remineralizers does everyone prefer?
  2. Curious if anyone has some snappy YT videos they enjoyed or links on RO/Water Change system set ups? Wanting to do something small off of my water lines in my adjoining bathroom next to my fish room, but not sure how to start the process. Not the best plumber either, so the easier and less plumbing the better. 🤣
  3. Building a new tank set up display 275 gal and sump 125 gal I am adding a auto water top off connected to a ro unit I will be adding crushed coral to the sump was wondering if their is any other rocks to add to bring the water back up to a more hard level location is texas also live plants are going in the sump and I am trying to build a complete eco system to live and thrive starting off is shrimp not sure what type yet
  4. Hey Guys! I have an issue with my water here in Phoenix Arizona. After my first water change since the big temperature increase about three weeks ago my fancy goldfish have been very lethargic and sometimes bottom setting. They’ve developed some pimples and I think it’s clear there’s something wrong with the tap water. The usual parameters are OK with pH around 7.8 to 8 but the tap water shows 1% salinity with my salinity meter and I believe the water hardness has drastically increased. I’m in the process of setting up an RO drip system with the hopes of delivering clean inconsistent water all the time forever. My concern now is that the soft water may not be suitable for the goldfish. When I started the process some Google searching resulted in a clear yes the soft water would be fine, I then called two goldfish dealers and they also said it would be fine but I just want to make sure. Have any of you kept fancy goldfish and soft or RO water? Help 🙂 * Please excuse the water quality and the algae. I’m working on green algae carpet
  5. So I’m getting some new L134 plecos and will be doing RO water in the 20 long they going to be in going to be using these to remineralize the water are these good or what’s better ? And IF I use these says the dose for 20 gallons wanted to do it 5 gallon buckets how much or what do you guys and girls recommend @Cory @Dean’s Fishroom @Candi @Bentley Pascoe or anyone that can help please and thank you they come in tomorrow so trying to get it figured out right so will do a test one today with no fish and make sure it stays stable
  6. I already have an rodi system up and running for my saltwater tanks, and my tapwater can't keep fish alive. So I was wondering how to re mineralize it for tetras, cory's, and other community fish
  7. I've been doing battle with high nitrates for years now. It was a long while before I tested my source [well] water and realized it wasn't a tank issue, but a source water issue. I was seeing 160ppm straight out of the tap. Had it verified by my County Ag Dept because I thought maybe I was doing my testing wrong. They said my water is essentially 10% Nitrates (likely from agricultural run-off). We drink a ton of water here, obviously bath in it, cook, etc. So I knew we had to do something about it. I thought RO was the only option. Then I happened upon nitrate filters! You can indeed get under the sink nitrate filters, but you have to replace filters every few months*. We wanted to cover all of our needs. So we decided to go with the whole house filter. *The nitrate filter resin must be changed an estimated every 3-5 years at the cost of about $700. The place I ordered from even has a portable system that is geared for serving livestock. Which made me think of people that have set ups in rental units. They also have off-grid systems! I'm eyeing up the inline UV filter as my next upgrade - which would be beneficial to people and fishes. By the new year we will hopefully be done with nitrate saturated water and the fish and plants will be happy! There are some plants that are not happy with my excessive nitrates. Anyone have experience with a whole house (or industrial application) UV filter? Below are reasons for using it... Effective in killing off bacteria and viruses such as: Coliform Bacteria Leptospira Interrogans (Infectious Jaundice) Salmonella Typhosa (Typhoid Fever) Bacteriophage (E. coli) Hepatitis Virus Chlorella Vulgaris Influenza Virus Legionella Pneumophila (Legionnaires' Disease) UV Disinfection is suitable for Industrial & Commercial Agriculture, Dairy, Livestock, Irrigation Water Food & Beverage Industry Beer Breweries, Wineries Drinking Water Ice Companies Well Water Aquaculture Restaurants, Schools, Hospitals, Hotels
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