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Injured Gourami

Kate H

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My gourami injured himself about 1.5 weeks ago. He ripped off part of his tail fin, part of his dorsal fin is almost see-through, and he scraped some of the scales off the top of his head. I moved him to my quarantine tank and have been keeping the tank clean with water changes every 2-3 days. I've also been dosing with melafix for the fin damage. He seems to be doing well now, eating normally, swimming around a lot, etc. He doesn't have any open sores but I'm not sure how vulnerable the torn fins/area on his head are. 2 questions: 1: When can I ease up on the water changes?  2: How will I know it's okay to put him back in the main tank? My main tank is a 20 gal planted community tank with peaceful tetras and corys, so he wouldn't have to deal with any aggressive fish, but he can be a little territorial in that tank.

IMG_7670 2.jpg

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