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Clean up crew with multis?


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On 6/19/2021 at 9:29 PM, Reppy6583 said:

Hey guys my first time using this forum but I was looking to help for clean up crew for my multis I’ve heard Cory say mts but I’ve heard they’ve become a pest thanks in advance!

MTS generally end up in our tanks. Infestations can be irritating, but they do seem to scrub the substrate floor. Knocl on wood . . .tanks where they're in all seem to be thriving in a healthy symbiotic relationship.

I doubt that there's a lot of good options with multis. To lower ammonia spikes from rotting food . . . perhaps make sure you've got room on your bio-surface area to build out your bacteria colonies. We jam pothos into our HOBs and just let it grow wild. 


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