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Ok so I just rescued a betta it came to me in a 1 gallon and I will have to stay in there for a bit  until I can get his tank to cycle but I think I want it to be a planted tank with a carpet and a lot of plants as for stocking I want the betta some shrimp but I don’t know what else the tank is a 10 but I wasn’t prepared for the fish to come to me it was unexpected but it was in a horrible situation before I tested the water when I First got it and I don’t even know how it was alive but what plants would you recommend I want it to look something like this 


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I want my tank to look like that too! 
I see a carpet that looks like Dwarf Chain Sword. On the right there’s a beautiful bronze Crypt. In the middle there’s some wood with moss. Along the back there’s some Swords, some Rotala and some Java Fern. Mixed into the mid ground I see some Anubias and some Hydrocotyle Tripartita. 
Maybe someone can label the pic for you. 

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