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Have 4 L134 Leopard Frog Pleco putting in 4 more as soon as that tank gets a week or two of stable parameters don’t want to crash it my question is Will having 12 cardinal tetras as dither fish be fine or would that be too much for a 40 breeder with those 8 L134 and the 12 tetras also have some shrimp left in that tank that didn’t pull out too hard to catch them all so living them in there  

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On 6/11/2021 at 12:01 PM, sudofish said:

The tetras will be fine with the plecos. The main issue I see is the male plecos being territorial among each other. Would need lots of hiding places so that all 8 can find a place to call their own.

Yeah got like 10 caves in there with other hideouts like wood and rocks so they should be fine hopefully 


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