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Treating with Furan 2 in a planted tank.


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I have been struggling with what I believe is a very slow strain of columnaris.  White patches in the classic saddle back formation, some fin rot. Some deaths, some fish are totally fine. In the past I was able to stop the spread by treating with Furan 2 but my plants didn't like it very much. But I was very new to the hobby then and I may have overdosed (3 years ago)  With this illness once again active in my tank anyone have a positive experience with Furan 2 and plants... or will it always trash plants.  Thank you all for your time.

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Hi Rachel-loves-plants. I think there will always be times the other tank inhabitants aren't big fans of medications. It's possible you could have overdosed but it could have been your plant variety or any number of other factors. Every indicaton online says that Furan is safe with plants and invertebrates. Personally when I can I remove the more sensitive types from the tank and quarantine them (mostly the invertebrates but I've been known to move my moss balls or my Subwassertang- to me as a human nothing worse than that icky feeling when you've been sick, haven't eaten much and on flu medications- always makes me feel worse. 

I haven't used Furan 2 YET, it's in my emergency first aid fish kit. I fully plan to use it if need be. I have used other medications though, most notably meds for Ich, I've used both ParaGuard and API Super Ick- both worked great- but I can also tell you that maybe part of the reason it did is that I colored outside the lines and did water changes every day despite the directions THEN redosed. I think that really helped my fish and the other plant inhabitants. It's like getting fresh sheets when you're sick. It feels nicer doesn't it? Just my 2 cents and it worked for me. 

Also, I think turning up the aggitation in tanks when medicating is also a must. (bubblers, sponge filters, HOB, adding airstones)- as long as your fish don't seem more stressed by that. 

It's your tank, go with your gut. You might find someone else could recommend a different med. You could do this again, by the book and everything will turn out just fine.

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