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Plants before and after

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I was looking through some old photos I had. Some of these pictures were of the plants when I first got them. I relized when looking at some of these "wow, this has really grown!" 

Show off some pictures of that plant the day you got it to present day.

image.png.351e9e6aa67f59929dfc783b3bf6cec0.png Hygrophillia Compact | March 7 2021

image.png.2637a872acb540e49e2142d22b1dce1b.pngPresent Day. Its already split into 3 different hygrophillias. 


Cryptacoryne Wendetii Red | May 21st | Plant right infront of the spongefilter

20210608_183155.jpg.03d93931caeab25780a6babf6e1117ba.jpg Present Day, its probably doubled in size! It hasn't even been a month.

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Wow, they really took off!

I’ve had good luck with those Tropica plants. I think they have a farm in Canada and that’s were our retail stores in the US get them from. If I can’t get a specific plant from Aquarium Coop I get Tropica.

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