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300+ GH, 0 KH, and 6.4 PH


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300+ GH, 0 KH, and 6.4 PH 
Nitrates 25

Nitrite 0

Ammonia 0

 Chlorine 0

Temp 74-76

20 gal tank

Water varies only slightly and I check everyday.   

Do I need to do something to my water or is this an acceptable combination for Emerald Corydoras? 
I have just started a few plants but am adding more.  My tank has been cycled now for several months.   TIA for your help. 

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11 minutes ago, seakitty said:

My gh is very hard already at over 300.  What would I need to do to raise it more and how much is considered too hard?

To raise the KH without raising the GH, add sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). 3 grams added for every 10 gallons of water raises the KH by about 4 degrees.

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