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  1. @tonyjulianothank you.
  2. My gh is very hard already at over 300. What would I need to do to raise it more and how much is considered too hard?
  3. 300+ GH, 0 KH, and 6.4 PH Nitrates 25 Nitrite 0 Ammonia 0 Chlorine 0 Temp 74-76 20 gal tank Water varies only slightly and I check everyday. Do I need to do something to my water or is this an acceptable combination for Emerald Corydoras? I have just started a few plants but am adding more. My tank has been cycled now for several months. TIA for your help.
  4. Thank you @darkG and @lefty o. I have also been using API Stress Coat+ after each water change to protect the fish. Is this necessary as my water is well water and has no chlorine?
  5. I have been using Imagitarium Biological Booster in my tank from the beginning and now my tank has finally cycled. Do I need to keep using it after each water change or is it just wasted money now that my tank is cycled? My tank is not a planted tank. TIA 🐟😃🐠
  6. My pleco seems to eat more at night after lights out. Her tank mates eat all their flakes and then go after her wafers. She has learned to chase them off her food and I was noticing just this morning that her little tummy is growing and yes I can see the brownish colored intestines because she is a pale yellow color. Thank you @Hobbitfor that info because when I first started noticing that I was worried that something was wrong with her. All that being said my pleco hides in the driftwood or her little cave during a lot of the day.
  7. Even seeing mine side by side I can’t see any difference so I guess only the two of them know for sure😀 but thanks @JaredL for looking up the info.
  8. Thank y’all for the info. Now I feel more confident with water change knowing that I am not destroying the beneficial bacteria. My tank is now nice and clean with very happy fish. Speaking of happy fish, my 2 green corys are acting very frisky now where as before they didn’t pay any attention to each other. How can you tell male and female apart?
  9. I have a 30 gallon tank with 8 fish: 4 small goldfish, 3 corydoras, 1 bristle nose pleco. I started this tank about 6 weeks ago but being of the older generation I started it as I always started my tanks 20 years ago, not knowing about the biological cycle. As soon as I found the Aquarium Co-op YouTube channel and this forum I saw the value of this method of good bacteria 😇 against evil bacteria 😈. I have optimized my Aqueon20 hob filter with carbon infused pad and coarse sponge media with a bit of fine sponge media at the spillway and a pre-filter intake sponge. This past week I also added the medium size coarse sponge filter in the opposite corner from the hob. Water is so nice and clear and ammonia levels are finally stable. I still need to do water changes because, well, goldfish. So my questions are: 1. Should I wash out the filters (in the used aquarium water) every water change or wait until there is gunk showing up on them? 2. Will rinsing them to often lose the good bacteria? (I usually do a water change once a week). 3. Does it harm the good bacteria on the glass if I wipe it weekly with my magnetic glass cleaner? My tank is not a planted tank but I am considering it for maybe down the road. Also the 4 goldfish will be re-homed to my neighbor’s pond as soon as they grow a little more. Then my tank will be a tropical only tank. Sorry this is so long, TIA for your help.😊
  10. @Anita should you use the 3% hydrogen peroxide straight out of the bottle or dilute it in water? And should you rinse it off with clear water before you let it dry and put back on the tank?
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