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Fry grow out tote recommendations


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Hi there,

So my recent purchase of a 55 gallon aquarium didn’t go exactly as planned (issues with the seams). The dollar per gallon sale is unfortunately over now and I still need something to grow out my bristlenose fry.

Does anyone have any advice in regards to totes? I understand that Sterilite and Rubbermaid are made using food grade plastic and that they are the go to recommendation. Is there a particular size that people tend to use? I will be using two of them to help with the apparent bowing issue.

How about the totes made by HDX? While I have seen that many people have made ponds out of them online I could not find any information about whether they were food grade or not. If they aren’t, have people on the forum still used them? 

Thanks so much for your help.

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I’m using HDX tubs for my outdoor ponds this summer. They leeched chlorine for the first month+ they held water, but now it seems I’ve got all the chlorine out. This post talks about my experience a bit more:

If you’re doing a lot of water changes and adding dechlorinator anyway, or if you don’t need the tubs right away, you’re probably fine to use HDX. The cycle in mine finally kicked off and I have platys in there now who are doing great. The tubs do have their issues though. I wouldn’t use them without test strips that test for chlorine.

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Does anyone have any experience using these two tote sizes? I was going to double up to help with bowing. If I use the HDX I will monitor for chlorine as per @Hobbit’s advice.


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