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TLDR: looking for stocking suggestions for a 75 gal. planted tank. 

We recently had a 36 gallon start leaking. I took everything out and put the fish in buckets with aquarium water and sponge filters from the aquarium. I got a 75 gallon that day (why not upgrade). Some of the fish died during the transition that day. I now only have 1 zebra danio and 2 celestial pearl danios and 6 Corys. I’ve thought about moving them to the guppy tank, but don’t won’t them fin nipping.  I was able to move all of the plants over. 

For the 75 we’re want a community tank and thinking about the following. Would any of these not work together?

rainbow fish: do they all need to be the same kind?

Denison barb

Some kind of other barb?



tetras - cardinal? Rummy nose?



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Am not sure if my answer will answer all you want to know as I am new to the game so please don't just relay on what I say/think.

In my 100gl tank I have Rainbows (Bosmani, Celebes and Melanotaenia maccullochi), Tetra Cardinal and other with no aggression (sometime the Bosmani goes after the Rasboras), so I don't think that you will have issue with these. The Denison Barb is a fast mid water swimmer that likes fast water and open space while the Rainbows prefer slower water and lots of vegetation, also, the Rummy noise are schooling fish and there is a possibility that the Denison will create stress among them. Will Apistos and krib live in peace? I don't know but think that as the Crib is a much larger fish the Apisto will suffer.

Good luck.

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