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Erythromycin and molly fry?


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Not a fish disease, but a med question nonetheless. Earlier this week I posted about my cloudy water problems in my 55g. Followed the friendly advice I was given to no avail.  This morning I caught a waft of the eye-watering stench we all know and love to hate (burnt tires and every poisonous plant on earth steaming in a cesspool? How creative can we get here...)... tank has excellent water flow (hob rated for 75g, internal filter rated for 40g, and a nano sponge filter I keep stashed behind some plants for QT). Crawled around a bit and beheld this lovely site on the back of the tank which faces a window. 🤦🏼‍♀️



so now I’m headed to get some black foam board to tape to the back of the tank to block the light of day from sustaining this mess.

Does anyone know if it is safe to dose erythromycin with <1 week old molly fry? 

thank you!

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@Guppysnail thanks! I used black foam board, totally opaque lets zero light through. Looks good for now, the long term hold up will likely be questionable.  I wanted no parts of trying to shimmy a 4 ft length of static backing on an already set up tank I can’t fit entirely behind. I’ll prolly open the windows and paint the back of the tank *someday*

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