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Need a little help today. I pray there’s someone that have some suggestions for me I told my fiancé that my fish tank do not smell. Well I lied got home today and I smelled it. I call myself cleaning it out good it ran for a week. Now I got to take it down and start over anybody got any suggestions how to clean it out.I prayNeed a little help today


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try washing your tank with Dawn dish soap wash your gravel outside with a hose till water runs clear if you have live plants do a proxide dip and place back in tank( about 20% proxide to equal part water for 10 sec. ) fake plants you can wash with the Dawn make sure to rise well, dont over feed and do about 25% water change once a week if you over feed use  a turkey baster and siphon any left over foods your babies dont eat, and get api water test kit and do a water test each time you do a water change all this should keep your tank clean and free from any smells have a blessed day and enjoy you fish babies

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