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Well established tank of 3 years.  

2 red spotted severum

4 gourami 

1 silver dollar

3 angels

1 pleco

1 apple snail

The gouramis have red sores and 2 have Popeye. 

The severum have blurry edged white spots only on pectoral fins. Not defined edges like ich. 1 severum has 1 Popeye.

I'm not sure what to treat first. Or do I use all the meds.  

I believe my problem started with either salt buildup.  A few months ago I started adding salt at water changes.  Not realizing only had to treat new water.  The ph is now 8.0.. I've been doing 25% water change every 2 or 3 days not wanting to drastically change the ph.

My grandsons added a barnacle they found on the beach.  I have taken this out it was in there about 2 weeks.

I've purchased the med trio. 

I purchased the large package of the maracyn and paraclense. I've read to add 1 pkg for 10 gal ,but I didn't purchase the packages and read not to follow directions on the package. 








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I think nitrites at 5.0 is the cause of the problem I would do small daily water changes and add prime to detoxify till  your nitrites go back down to zero that sould resolve a lot of the prolems your see with your fish

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Sorry my mistake the nitrite is 0. Nitrate is 5.0.

Alkalinity is 80.


Today they all seem happier except for 2 of the gouramis eyes look worse and clamped fins. 1 of the severums has a white spot on his eye and it's slightly bulging but does not look severe. Should I treat the Popeye?




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Cloudy eye can becaused by poor water quality am non sure if it's a parasite or not I would treat with maracyn for the cloudy eye on your gourami's and Popeye on your severum you could also do a course of paracleanse just to be on the safe side if it is parasites it can take 2-3 course of treatment 2weeks a part

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