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Crypt Wendtii Green


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My Crypt Wendtii Green's leaves are turning a brownish color, that I think isn't normal. All other plants are doing fine.

First shot is straight on. Second pic is a birds eye view. 

I dose Easy Green 2x per week in my 10 gallon, 20% water changes weekly. Substrate is Eco Complete.

Ph 7.4

Kh 7

Gh 13

Ammonia 0

Nitrites 0

Nitrates 20




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As Candi mentioned they are very heavy root feeders, so you will want to get yourself some root tabs and place them in the gravel around your crypts. Also crypts can be very sensitive to changes. Do you just pour your water in over that crypt when you do water changes, because if you do it could be the temperature difference from the water change that hits the leaves and sends the plant into shock. If so try using a colander or your hand to disperse the water more evenly when adding it. 

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