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Help ID’ing this creature on the glass


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had to use a macro lens and video to get the best image. These have suddenly appeared on the glass of our 15 gallon  

inhabitants are: lots of small mystery snails, Japanese trapdoor snails and their babies (which don’t look like these things), baby frogs and ghost shrimp. No “pest” snails. 

 These things seem to have antenna and mouth action like snails but they’re encased in an egg sac looking thing.  They don’t look like any baby snails we’ve seen and they don’t look like any planeria we’ve seen either (which is plenty)  

First video link should be a top view and second bottom view. 

has anyone seen these before? We are scratching our heads.  





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They are micro rams horn snails. Harmless to fish and plants. Will keep tank clean for you. Take care in keeping up with gravel vacuum and not Overfeeding the more there is to eat the more they reproduce. I placed them and small bladder snails in all my tanks intentionally.  They eat algae and detritus.  They burrow into nooks and crannies eating detritus in substrate. Keep glass corners and plants clean. Congratulations you have free cleanup crew. 

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