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Where to sell fish locally?


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Reading through the "fish for profit" article it recommends three options: stores, facebook, and craigs list.  I have some stock I want to get rid of to keep populations down but the local facebook buy and sell group stopped allowing "animals" to be sold because its against FB policy (it has been for a while apparently but they just got in trouble for it last month).  Craig's list similarly has a bot that insta-flags any animal sales.  lastly, the local fish club isn't doing in person stuff because of covid.


I think my LFS will take what I have right now, but I'm wondering if people know of other ways local hobbyists can buy/sell/trade. 


Also now seems like a prime time to get that forum trading feature launched 😉

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Have you examined aquabid? You will need a PayPal account setup, and should research well. Protect yourself against fraud. Factor shipping costs into your sale prices / minimum bids. Take excellent photographs. Be absolutely clear about your shipping methods and policies.

Selling to an LFS has pros and cons. If all goes well, it’s likely to happen again. But if your stock dies and they lose money on you, do not expect them to be interested. I’ve found that selling plants seems to be more beneficial for LFS relationship than selling fish sometimes. I have just resolved to offer most fish at near their wholesaler prices. It’s not lucrative. But otherwise, why would they want to buy from me? Unless I can offer a demonstrably better product, it’s much easier for them to order from the fish farms in CA or FL.

By far the best arrangement is to sell to club members. Our fish club has organized tailgate sales during COVID, porch pickups, a “fish mongers” forum on the club homepage, etc. put up photos, name prices, Andy see who’s interested. 

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