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Hill Stream Loaches Being Outcompeted

Yupheng Lee

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What are some ways I can get my hill stream loaches to eat? They are being out competed for food by my corydoras. 

Here are the things I’ve tried:
- Hikari Algae Wafers (Even when I tried sticking them to the side, my loaches just don’t go to them. Corydoras love them though.)
- Blanched Cucumbers (Again, not interested at all.)
- Sinking pellets (These get demolished not by my hill stream loaches but by the corydoras)

Not sure what to do. My hill stream loaches do go around the tank eating algae but I don’t think that is a great idea long term. How should I deal with this?

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you could try repashy, and when you mix up the repahsy paste it on some rock or wood. The hill streams will naturally graze that way. Dealing with competing fish during feeding can be a difficult task. I myself have to try and trick my dojo loaches to one end of the tank so my pleco's get their foods. Dam dojos are stringy water piggies. they eat EVERYTHING 

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