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Bubbles escaping my sponge filter

Kimberly P

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I have a nano sponge filter that has bubbles escaping from under the top.  I've checked the air stone - it's not crooked.  I've adjusted the length of the tubing to almost non-existent to about 1" and it keeps happening.

Is there something else I can try?1495836715_spongefilterbubbling.jpg.6df7dae5a33c41f2d7d3491f619092fe.jpg

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14 minutes ago, James Black said:

Make sure the top (like the green disc, see picture below) is on completly! Make sure that it clicks in. I've had that same problem with co-op sponge filter and that always seemed to help.

OH MY!  That did it!  Now all of a sudden I'm hearing the bubbles & there are no leaks!  I was wondering why the sponge didn't really seem to be dirty after a couple weeks.  Thank you Thank you!

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