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Curing Large Driftwood


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So I realize there are plenty of methods to cure drift wood. Mostly we boil driftwood and soak it for a while. But I would like to ask about drift wood that's LARGE. So far even the largest driftwood I've used I was able to boil at least half of it, then flip and boil the second half; rinse and repeat. However, what about driftwood that's too large to boil? I currently have two pieces of driftwood about 3-4ft each and in shapes unfit for even my largest pot for boiling. For now I'm just soaking them in my 32gal trash bin which I use from time to time to prep source water. 

Now this wood came from my LFS as is most of my drift wood. The only outlier is some driftwood I found while on a fishing trip where it also was too large to boil, so I just hand washed it and rolled the dice. This new wood however I would like to do more than just soaking. 

Would boiling water and pouring it over the driftwood accomplish the same 'sterile' environment to kill off any pests (if any) compared to boiling it in a pot? If no, then is there a method to kill off pests (not bleach)? 

I'm really not worried about tannins, they go away over time and they don't do anything to my ph. While I'm really not worried about pests in the wood, I'm in no hurry to add this wood to my 72gal as I'm awaiting some new plants and want to re-scape when I have everything ready to go. Probably next week or the week after. 

Just wondering if anyone has any good methods for sterilization. 

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