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So I would like some advice. I have a rabbit snail in a QT Tank right now. This weekend, I am getting a seeded sponge to start my aquarium. I am leaving Memorial Day weekend from Friday-Monday to go on vacation. What should I do to make sure they bacteria from the sponge has food? Should I leave some algae wafers on the bottom to add a bit ammonia? Would that hurt the snail to leave the food in there for 4 days? Would they bacteria be fine living off of the sponge and the snail poo? I'm overprotective, aren't I? Haha 

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Unconsumed algae wafers are not going to add ammonia (but they will add algae!)

The most precise (and safest) way to add ammonia is to dose with ammonia hydroxide (do NOT confuse this with household ammonia intended for cleaning!).

What you want is a consistent level of around 3-4 ppm ammonia.

Stop adding when you get to 4 ppm!

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