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Hi Everyone.  You guys helped me get my tank healthy enough for fish, and I thank all of you for lending your words of advice. Now there is brown algae, and I see different opinions on what causes that, too much light, or too little light.  I have the lights on for 10-11 hours a day.  I want to nip this in the bud before it takes over.

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@Sweet Sharon I've had brown diatom outbreaks in a couple of my tanks. I got snails and shrimp to control the first and they cleaned it up right away. In the second, I reduced the light to 9 hours on a timer and I remove as much as I can during religious weekly water changes (it's a puffer tank so I can't have any little critters to remove it). It seems to be way more under control now. Not completely gone yet, but much better. 

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