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Algae problem

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This may seem a bit backwards to many but I am trying to get a bit of algae to grow in my tank and as of yet I have never bin able to get any. I have bin wanting a little beneficial growth because my fish would enjoy it however for some reason in the 14 years I have had this tank there has never bin any even when I added a bottle of quick starter that advertised it would encourage algae growth. Any advice would be very welcome. This is a 55 Gal tank, my water is very hard, I planted it about 2 months ago and most of the low light plants are doing fine. 

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I'm going to go with longer photoperiod, and perhaps even over feeding a bit--since usually people recommend shorter photoperiods and under feeding to help control algae. It may be that some extra plant fertilizer might help get some algae going. 

API Quick Start (is that what you used?) won't help start algae growth, I believe. It contains nitrifying bacteria, which will produce nitrates, but there will only be "extra" nitrates for algae if there's more load being turned into nitrates than your tank can handle.

I'd gladly give some of my algae if I could!

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