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Hopefully Pangio Kuhlis Breeding


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My Kuhli loaches have been actjng very out of character today and im hoping that this is spawning behavior. Maybe some of you with more experience can let me know. Typically they are very shy and stay out of sight during the day. Occasionally one will hang out in the sand at the front for a short time and then wiggle back into the rocks.

Today however all of them were out the entire day until lights out. They squished themselves together behind a rock and occasionally squirmed around each other and switched sides. 
Im hoping i got lucky and triggered spawning by doing a 20% water change yesterday afternoon. Also overnight the weather here has gone from cool/raining to sunny and 87* today so that may also be having an impact. 

I took a short video of them today that you can check out here too: Oodles of Noodles Vid


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