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ICH-X specific questions....


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When treating Ick with Ich-X:

1) Are water changes absolutely necessary every day? If not, do you less the dose slightly when skipping a waterchange, to account for the previous days' dose that wont be removed?

2) Are gravel vacs necessary/recommended each waterchange?

3) Should aquarium lights remain off during Ick-X treatments? (Some live plants)

4) Can a daily waterchange actually crash a cycle? (Sponge filters)

5) How many days should Ich-X still be dosed AFTER there are no more white spots on any fish?


Context: I am treating 2 tanks (75 gal and 20 gal ) for Ich, and have just completed day 5. Man...these waterchanges are a real pain, and are very time consuming. I have been gravel vaccing each day. I am no longer seeing any more Nitrates in the 20, and the 75 is down to about 5ppm. I have the temp to 81, and don't want to go higher. I do add around 1 TBSP salt for every 5-10 gallons.

Any and all help is appreciated. I'd love to curb these waterchanges a bit, if I can.


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I appreciate the link, but it unfortunately doesn't address some of the concerns/ questions I had.....especially re:gravel vac, cycle, and aquarium lighting.  

Any other input is certainly appreciated.  Thanks! 

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Thanks so much for the response. I appreciate all the insight. I am currently starting day 7. As of yesterday, only one fish in each tank has a visible spot...so the process continues.

These water changes are killing me, especcialy in the 75 gal tank. I have been gravel vaccing each time, and may switch to a pump to make the process a bit easier.

One last question:

The directions specify 24 hours at a minimum. If I do the morning one day, and the next day do the evening, is there any risk in that, being that it'll be more like 32 hours?

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