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Surprise Fry!


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I had 8 Tiger Barbs in a temporary 10g while I figure out where I want to put them, as they are quite the troublemakers. They were in there for about 2-3 weeks until I made an impulse purchase of 13 Otocinclus Catfish. I moved the Tiger Barbs out and the Otos in and the very next day, I seen wittle fry swimming around!

I assumed either they were from eggs laid the night before or they had somehow been caught with their parents in the petstore tank. I was excited! After a week or so, I was pleased with how well the Otos were doing and I moved them (and the fry) into my 20g long which is just rife with algae. I also moved my 7 original Otocinclus from a larger tank to this one. The fry were exciting to watch! I hadn't experienced fry that isn't afraid of larger fish, they swim right with the Otos!

Now last night, I noticed some of the fry have 3 vertical stripes. There are 3 larger fry with these patterns and the remaining 4 are thinner, longer and have a horizontal stripe. The ones with vertical stripes are spastic, brimming with energy and this reminded me of another fish I own...

I wonder if they may be Tiger Barb fry? They don't sit still enough to get a decent picture but I do have a picture of the longer, thinner ones with horizontal stripes below.

What do you think? Am I raising two separate species of fry?


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