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Hello from Michigan


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Hello! My name is Alison and I'm from Michigan. I recently got back into thr hobby after a long hiatus. I have my first low tech, fully planted tank going right now. 15 gallons with clown killies and pygmi corys.  I am very much enjoying the community and re-learning everything. The hobby has advanced quite a lot in the last decade and change!

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11 hours ago, MickS77 said:

Welcome! What got you back into the hobby?

I always wanted to set another tank up. With college and moving around it was too hard and a lot of work moving equipment and fish. I finally gave it up and told myself that when I was more settled I'd get another tank then life happens as it does and it got pushed to the way back burner. Quarentine gave me a lot of time to research what had changed in the hobby and track down equipment and local fish stores.  Now that I have one tank set up I wonder why it took me so many years to finally get back to it. I really enjoyed the research and learning process as well as setting my first planted tank up and discovering killifish. It's so relaxing to watch in the mornings and evenings.

So the extra time on my hands and the extra money didn't hurt. Inwas paid double for a good chunk of the year for hazard pay but my expenses were minimal since I wasn't able to go out or do amy traveling. I figured if I was going to drop some cash into it now was a good time. Of course... the problem is now one tank isn't enough lol!!

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