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Hello Fellow Fish Enthusiasts, 

I have a 2+ month cycling 10 gal which I am slowing making a shrimp tank. As of right now, I have only 2 blue velvets in there about a 1/2 inch big. 

I was doing a water change today and noticed A LOT of little things floating in my water. Then looked at my rock and it was covered in these little guys. Everywhere in the tank basically. Below is picture. 


Any help in identifying and managing would be greatly appreciated. What I have heard is that they are a positive sign of a well functioning aquatic ecosystem. 🙂 But there are a lot, so I am entertaining the idea of adding some of fish from another tank, to get the population in check. Options are as follows: 

- Corydoras (possibly my two males that keep over breeding with my female) 

- Cory fry about 1+ month old. 

- Male guppies 

- Rainbows from my nano tank 

- Golden Mystery Snails 

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