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Betta swim bladder


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Forgive me if this is the wrong forum to ask this on. 

My betta is fine - or at least I think he is.   

I've noticed this bump toward the back.   I realized it was his swim bladder based on a simple anatomy diagram. Occasionally i notice some peculiarities in his swimming but nothing concerning. 

But out of caution, I researched swim bladder disease in bettas. Almost all the time I'm seeing a bloated fish.  And where the betta's actual swim bladder is, it's totally fine.  

So what exactly is swim bladder disease?   Do you not see visible evidence around the actual swim bladder? 



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Hi, as I understand it swim bladder disease isn't actually a "illness", but rather a symptom that's caused by something putting pressure on the swim bladder. That's why it's usually associated with dropsy, bloat, etc. I've noticed that on my betta and so far so good, with nothing related to the swim bladder being a problem. 

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