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White spots on my SAPs


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pH - 7.6

Nitrates - 0ppm

Hardness - 8dH

Nitrite - 0ppm

Ammonia - 0ppm

KH/Buffer - 9ppm

Water Temperature 74F

Came back to the outbreak on my SAPS. Read through a post where another keeper is having a similar issue. Browsing through the link provided comparing ich to epistylis it does appear as though the white dots are raised off of the fish rather then being flat. They were wormed when I got them a little over a month ago. They are still rather active, are not clamping their fins much, but do not seem to have a lot of appetite based on what I see in the tank. Looking for opinions on if I should treat for ich or epistylis.

Also, we have some otocinclus with them in the tank, added less then two weeks ago and they show no sign of this yet.


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Been following these posts because I keep SAPs too.  

This is really hard....from your pictures it kinda looks more like ich to me, but given what that article said about how fast epistylis kills, if it were me and I just could not rule out epistylis over ich, I'd treat for that first and then if that doesn't help I'd then treat for ich.   

Good luck to your and your puffers...hope they get better soon. 

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Little update. All of the little guys are still with us though visually are not looking the best. I gambled on starting with Kanaplex with their food last week but even with some Garlic Guard they were still not tempted to eat. Tuesday when the local shop owner was back in he felt it was a just really bad ich and recommend treating for it. So I have raised the temp and treated the water twice now, benefit is that all but one is chowing down now but for the most part they look worse. Stopping back in at the LFS today but thought I would ask for opinions here. I netted a couple to get better pictures though they still are not as clear as I would of hoped, camera didn't like focusing on them. 




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