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Fin Rot: Should I Retreat My Betta?

Kim H

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DAY 1: Sunday, April 4th - Moved my Betta (Buddha) to a hospital tank and treated him once with Maracyn, Ich-X and ParaCleanse. I did not feed Buddha, further medicate him or do a water change.

Day 7: Sunday, April 11th - I did a partial water change (25%) and began feeding Buddha. 

He has been eating, swimming about his tank from top to bottom. And comes to greet me when he sees me. He has been sloughing off small bits of dead fin tissue

Day 12: Friday, April 16th - I woke to find a large chunk of Buddha's tail at the bottom of the tank.  He ate his breakfast of brine shrimp and is swimming around as usual.

I understand the rotted fin & tail bits need to slough off and that it takes time for healing and regrowth. However, I was not expecting to see a large chunk 12 days in to treatment.

I change did a 25% water change today rather than wait til Sunday. I've read the 3 signs of healing are eating, active and new growth.  Buddha is eating and is active, but I have seen no sign of regrowth as of yet.

The water parameters are okay. Water temperature is steady at 80. And, there are live plants in the tank, minimal decor, a sponge filter and no substrate.

The Cories, Ottos and Pleco in Buddha's home tank are all well, if this might factor in somehow.  The water parameters have always been good in the home tank, except for that time I was probably over feeding the fish and didn't hange ou the water as often as I should have.  Buddha is a Half-Moon Betta, dark blue with a black fins & tail.  Sadly, I think he was sick well before I knew it because of the dark fins & tail.  

With all that information and the big chunk of tail, what are your thoughts on whether I should retreat Buddha or wait and observe a bit longer?

Thank you all in advance your help! Buddha thanks you too!






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