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  1. Bringing this topic back to life with a thought I have been having. I use a Tidal 110 for chemical and floss so I don't have to access my FX4's on my 120. The bypass up the back is the main concern for me. So my thought is, the basket seems to be the problem, has anyone tried a Tidal without the white basket? I am considering cutting some plastic pieces to create a baffle on the intake side that would allow the water to come into the filter and run straight down like the design of the basket but allow it to be the entire smaller section and leave about a 1/2-3/4 gap at the bottom for the water to be directed to the right and them up through sponge, fine and chemical. Sort of like how the AC HOB's are designed. Grabbed @nabokovfan87's picture to draw what I was thinking. The idea is similar to what you posted on a 35 but instead of using foam actually directing the water under a baffle. Thoughts?
  2. Neolamprologus Brevis x3, Julidochromis Dickfeldi x2 (think one is a Regini), Frontosa, Pearl Clavus, and Random Leptosoma that has ZERO color. My LFS gave him to me. He has been in the tank since may and shown no color so far. Yes, I plan to add more in later. My LFS gave me one with ZERO color (mentioned above) Want to let the bottom and rock dwellers get established to hopefully push the Cyp's to the top of the tank.
  3. Went with the Tanganyika community. Pics below! Fish are hiding a bit but are starting to finally come out.
  4. Driftwood would be another option, it will release tannins to help bring the ph down. Overtime though it could possibly raise back up once all the tannins are gone (could be a months for this to happen). You could use catappa leaves as someone else mentioned, these could turn the water a little brown though. I think it looks cool in the right aquarium, it is a personal opinion though. Both Driftwood and catappa used together would be my suggestions. I have eco complete in a 90 gallon and have to increase my pH. My tap is right around 7 but it drops to 6.4-6.6 overnight if I don't add anything. I do not think the substrate is the issue.
  5. I have two large swords in my 90, I could pull one of those out and replant another smaller one in the 90. I am not set on Val, just thought with a 30" tall tank the Val would be able to grow to the top. Also thought of the shellies digging it which is why the hard scape I have the piece from the left side sticking out. Plan is to try to plant it behind that and hopefully it will stay in place. My LFS is really excited about this too, they said they would keep an eye out for the fish I am looking for and could bring some in early as well. Will definitely keep you updated. Plan is to get the hard scape done by Christmas and set the tank up at the end of January. I am traveling for work on and off for the first three weeks of Jan so I don't want to be gone and have any issues. Earlier this week I put the the biomedia for the FX4 sitting in bags in the bottom of my 90 to get the bacteria jump started plus some in the filters. If all goes well I will be instant cycled and with everything going mid Feb.
  6. My neighbor gave me about 100+lbs of holey rock. I have been researching Lake Tanganyika for the past few days and heality leaning toward a Lake Tanganyika community tank. Shellies on the bottom, build up rock piles on each side of the tank for Julidochromis for one side, Chalinochromis for the other, 1-2 Xenotilapia Ochrogenys or Enantiopus for the bottom and either Cyprichromis, Neolamprologus or Cyathopharynx for free swimmers at the top. Sandy bottom with shells, rock formations up both sides, Jungle val growing up the middle as a divider of the rocks. 3-4" of sand, rocks are about 21" tall so that would put the top of the rocks about 24" off the bottom at the peak and leave 6" from the top of the tank for free swimmers.
  7. I love this idea, my LFS just got some in 😎
  8. My 90 currently is heavily planted and a community, I could move these fish over to the new 84 but the 90 is finally to a spot where I am happy with it so the plants etc would stay. Pic and stock list below - 2 Bristlenose (pair) - 1 Black Angelfish - Moonlight Goraumi - Peacock Gudgeon - 6 Longfin Danios - 8 Neon Tetras and 1 Green Fire Tetra - 5 Ember Tetras - 2 Kribs (pair) - Panda Gara - 3 Panda Corys & 3 Melini Cory's - 2 Green Corys - 2 Celebes Rainbows - 1 Siamese Algae Eater
  9. I won a full setup in a drawing. Originally it was a 90 gallon but the 90 was too wide for the space I had so I opted for a 36" wide tank. Now looking for stocking options for a very tall 84 gallon tank. I have a planted 90 with a random group of community fish, mainly small. Looking to possibly make this tank primarily larger fish or maybe even move my community to this tank. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!
  10. I have had the driftwood now submerged with a rock for 8 days, put it in a bucket and tried to squeeze it, turned it other directions in the tank and it will still float exactly like the picture above. Tried it in my 90 again and it floats the top of the driftwood only. The bigger end sinks but the skinny side floats.... My mind is blown, again this piece used to sink, it was laying flat for 5 months creating a hide in my larger tank.
  11. I have seen that and have 2 large pieces in my 90 with slate on the bottom. The strange part is, this piece of wood used to sink like a rock. Now one side floats and it stands vertically. It just does not make any sense and I cannot find anything about driftwood floating after it has been water logged.
  12. I will try that. It has been standing up in my 90 gallon before moving it over. I might try putting a rock on it for a few days in the tank and see if that helps too. I am thinking the wood is just getting old. I have no idea how long it was submerged at the store, they said a few months but it could have been longer.
  13. That is interesting, did not know bacteria could do that but it would make sense. The wood is squishy but still intact and not falling apart. I would say it could sort it self out but it seems to be floating more. If you look at the picture it is only one side that floats as well. Just very strange.
  14. I have had this piece of drift wood in my tank for about 9 months. I purchased from a tank at my LFS which it had ben in there for a few months. Originally it sank and stayed at the bottom until a month ago. Not it is standing vertically like this?! I moved it to my pleco fry tank last weekend and it just wont stay down. Any ideas on why it continues to float?
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