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  1. I have 2 Amazon puffers I got from someone locally almost 4 weeks ago. They were doing well originally in the 10 gallon quarantine tank I have for just them and a sponge filter. I noticed a couple white dots so I did ich-x and daily water changes and they looked better in 4 days. Then all of a sudden they were completely covered in white spots, too many to count. I continued the ich-x and this time added 1TBS salt (replacing about 1 tsp after each 30% water change), and Maracyn because their fins looked a little torn up. With no signs of improvement after 3 days I added paraclense too. So they are on the Med trio now and I upped the temp to 80 and covered the top of the tank so it’s not as bright. Their fins are really clamped and they have been itching themselves on the bottom of the tank. Now one of them hangs out near the top of the tank vertically with tail up and did not eat. I’m really unsure what to do now and don’t want to lose them. Please any suggestions. <5 nitrates 0 nitrite 0 ammonia 150 gh 40 kh 6.8 ph 80* F (The white stuff in the photo is meds I just put in)
  2. So I fed mosquito larvae to my fish once and now I have been battling mosquitoes inside my fish room and house! I know the basic anti-mosquito methods and they somehow still reproduce. - All the tanks have fish - I make sure there is no standing water in buckets or anything - I removed floating plants and added power heads for additional surface agitation - I put mosquito dunks in every tank every 2 weeks Please any suggestions?
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